Vein EMS TransLite Veinlite EMS PRO

Vein EMS TransLite Veinlite EMS PRO

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The TransLite Veinlite EMS PRO

A hand-held battery powered illumination device for finding veins and assisting in vein access.

It has two modes of operation: surface illumination using 8 bright white LEDs and side-transillumination using 12 orange plus 4 red LEDs.

Side-transillumination is a patented* technique which enables the Veinlite EMS PRO to uniformly illuminate a small region of skin and subcutaneous tissue, anywhere on the body, without any areas of shadow. The side-transillumination technique allows better visualization of veins than any other transillumination method.

The design of the Veinlite EMS PRO is such that during vein access, the vein is visualized, skin is stretched and the vein is sequestered to keep it from rolling.

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