Advanced PRF Education, Online

Advanced PRF Education, Online

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Advanced PRF Education - online

Advanced PRF Education is an online platform that was created to meet the large demand for doctors, dentists, and related-staff to learn the advantages of Platelet Rich Fibrin in regenerative dentistry, medicine, and facial esthetics!

Course outline:

Key concept 1: Biology of Wound Healing

Key concept 2: Understanding Platelet Concentrates

Key concept 3: Unboxing and Programming a PRF system

Key concept 4: Basics of Phlebotomy

Key concept 5: Clinical Indications of PRF

Key concept 6: Use of PRF in Facial Esthetics

Key concept 7: Understanding PRF Tubes

Key concept 8: Harvesting C-PRF and Alb-PRF

Lecturer: Dr. Rick Miron

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