MEO103414 Seramon, 5/0, DS-18, 75cm, mono, ikke-resorberbart, undyed, 24 pcs.

MEO103414 Seramon, 5/0, DS-18, 75cm, mono, ikke-resorberbart, undyed, 24 pcs.

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Seramon, 5/0, DS-18, 75cm, mono, ikke-resorberbart, undyed

SERAMON suture is the reliable companion for surgical procedures in which safety counts. It is extremely flexible, has high tensile strength, is permanently inert, has low tissue reactivity, slides easily and can be optimally knotted. Its special material properties provide all these positive features.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Optimal handling / Very low coefficient of friction = Extremely smooth passage through tissue / Particularly low tissue reactivity / Biologically inert / Anti-adhesive / Minimal memory / High knot tensile strength

How to order (Choose 6 pay for 5)

  • Choose freely between the sutures - 6 pcs. of the same suture or mix between several variants to give a total of 6 pcs.
  • When paying, you choose invoice as payment method.
  • Please note that the rebate (the cheapest suture) will be deducted during the invoicing process.
  • We will deliver the invoice with the products.

SERAMON® Product data

Technical specifications

Suture symbol
undyed, monofilament
USP 2/0 to 7/0
EP 3 to 0,5
Absorption profile

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Additional information

Membraner 5+1

64012: NeoGen™ Ti-Reinforced membrane LI 36 x 21 mm, 64013: NeoGen™ Ti-Reinforced membrane M 32 x 22, 64014: NeoGen™ Ti-Reinforced membrane L 34 x 25 mm, 64020: NeoGen™ Non-Reinforced membrane M 29 x 14 mm

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